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2023 AGCO Direct
Marketing Summit 

June 7-8  |  Fargo, North Dakota 

Join us for a killer time 

A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere

SEO, AI, CTRs and ROI have ya feeling like ya want to toss the ol’ laptop into the woodchipper?  

It’s time to murder your marketing this June 7 – 8 right here in Fargo, North Dakota don’tcha know!

Join us for an all-expenses-paid trip (Oh! Real nice!) where we’ll bring death to the mundane, crush complexity and drop marketing knowledge axes that’ll help your dealership kill it this year. Sounds good, yah?   


We can’t wait to see your smiling faces here North of Normal and get to know ya a little better! Please keep in mind we are only able to accommodate one person per invite.  


We’ve got just the nicest little travel agent lined up for ya to get ya here, and a fancy new hotel right in the heart of Fargo, so please RSVP to this all-expenses-paid VIP trip by  May 2, 2023.   

We'll get ya here in a jif

AGCO Direct is proud to partner with Travel Travel to make your trip planning a real cinch! Just give Liz, our travel agent, a call and she’ll get ya sorted with flights. Travel days will be June 6th and June 9th. Have your ID ready and your preferred travel times and Liz will take care of the rest.  

What to pack? 

Oh, you’ve never seen Fargo in the summer? Well, lemme tell ya, it could be not cold, it could be a little cold or could be not that bad without the wind. Dress for balmy weather but keep an eye on those forecasts leading up to the trip because things can take a turn in a hurry! Well, I ‘spose, a light jacket for the evenings that’ll protect ya from the rain and cool is a good idea.   

So, are ya comin'?
Will we see ya there?

Aw jeez, thanks for lettin' us know!

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